Infestation of the Garbage Pickers

June 9th, 2011

My neighborhood block is gorgeous. It’s tree lined and filled with renovated brownstones and considerate people who actually make eye contact and smile when you look at them. This is so vastly different from other parts of NYC that I can’t help but be thankful for where I live. Of course, now that it’s summer, the neighborhood is much emptier, especially during weekends. There aren’t as many kids, parking is a wee bit easier and I can tell most people are tourists who wander over from Central Park for gelato or Shake Shack. I’m guessing many families take off for the Hamptons/vacation, and I’m happy about the quietness.

The only thing that irks me (to put it mildly) are the garbage pickers that have infested our block. I don’t know what else to call them. Basically, they’re random people who literally go through our trash. They scrounge around for anything of value, including cans, scraps of food, random items we throw out, etc. The worst thing is that they don’t care that we know they’re doing it. I mean, it’s not illegal – just super sketchy. I see them all the time as I enter my building (the trash cans are right in front) and even though I give them the stare down, they just keep picking away. It’s really dictated how I wrap my garbage and be wary of papers that have our names, address, credit card numbers and other important pieces of information. I literally can’t throw those out, and since I have no shredder in the apartment I’ve started hoarding all of it, including certain pieces of junk mail that have our personal information printed on them.

Since this is something that apparently ingrained in the neighborhood, last weekend I decided to just fuck it and go with it. These people are harmless, and don’t take anything of value (clearly – they’re sorting our trash, recycling in a way, if you will.) I had two giant bags of clothes that I set aside to donate to Goodwill. Big, bulky bags that I would have had to lug up to 79th street, not too far but then again anything more than a couple blocks in this heat tends to make me crazy.

Brilliant idea time. I set those two garbage bags full of clothes out where we put our trash and hoped that somebody would come by and take them off my hands. They were definitely not cheap items of clothing either, and if I weren’t so lazy I should have kicked myself to the Goodwill to get a tax receipt. Oh well. There will be more clothes at the end of summer. Anyway, in one hour the bags were gone. All but a purple sweater. Guess it was too ugly! HA. Although in a day, the sweater disappeared too.

So, the moral of the story is garbage picker = unintentional clothes donation, which totally made my life easier. So I’m just going to suck it up and not complain about them!


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One Response to “Infestation of the Garbage Pickers”

  1. Gia on June 13, 2011 7:31 pm

    hahaha, clever.

    When I lived in the city, they would scare me because for a year I lived on the first floor and the garbage bins were basically right outside of my window (undergrad living, what do to). But then as time passed, I just felt an immense sadness that there are people in this world that need to resort to that. sigh…

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